Blogging to market your passion, business

So it just occurred to me, as I’m establishing myself as an avid blogger on successes in business, workforce, dating, and in education, I realized that it is essential to type up your post before synthesizing a creative blog title!

Aside from composing your post as creative and über-appealing as possible to your target audience, you must captivate their attention by your title. Title is what tells all! It’s the juice that’s known to ignite the furnace! This way you can retain your target audience, whether you are blogging to market your talent, passion, wisdom, online/offline business or you’re an affiliate marketer marketing a product.

Creating your post allows you to title it based on your thoughts and the conclusion you arrived at, making it more attractive to your audience!

FYI blogs are one of your greatest resources in the twenty century in retaining customers and flourishing your business. If you’re a business owner or affiliate marketer, I’d strongly recommend creating a blog!!!

Maintain good relations!!

So this is like a reiteration of my previous blog entry about selecting your business partners!! After building rapport & trust with the individual who shares your passion, you must work to continue to build and maintain that relationship as relationships define life!

And this goes beyond sipping wine, cocktails, paying for them at a five-star restaurant, or baking them treats. While it is still part of the equation, a big chunk of it comes from tolerating their shortcomings by meeting them halfway!

In the business world, there are always secret clashing between partners on their objectives or on how they handle things. Sometimes we become so embroiled in our personal feelings regarding our business that we fail to see the bigger picture: working together to make a difference in the world! This goes way beyond generating revenue, although that’s your ultimate goal.

It can be such a pride expenditure to not execute the blueprint of an idea loaded with finesse only because your partner disagrees with it. However, if you want your business to thrive then you must be willing to meet them halfway! As once again, life is defined by relationships!

Choosing your business partners wisely

Alright so I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be a business owner, and all of a sudden I found myself captivated by thoughts revolving around the theory of selecting the people you do business with. It isn’t an easy process and can really be detrimental to you in the long-run if you are extremely naive. I feel that the general trend is to pair up with people who you are very familiar with i.e. people such as your best friend or sibling, when what they don’t realize is that this route always tends to backfire.

The reason why I assert the above was because I was advised by a former co-worker of mine to never do business with your siblings, cousins, or best friends only because they know who you are extremely well, and so they can either take you for granted or they can manipulate you out of the business due to greediness and additional pertinent factors. A very common phenomenon when partnering up with your best friend/close friend is when you put in more than 80% of the work and they’re just lounging in the sidelines making money for themselves, bartending, coaching, or doing whatever. But what they fail to realize is that they’re not investing any time or energy into the welfare of the business or its growth! They’re only there for reputation-building purposes!!

For example, let’s say two close friends decide to open up a math tutoring center. One comes from an education background while the other comes purely from a business background. In the first six months, the former math teacher is out there tutoring privately and through other agencies to generate some personal income, while the business guy is out there working tirelessly maintaining the current wave of customers while trying to acquire new customers to stay floating, so things may seem hunky-dory for now, and then all of a sudden the secret clashing that have been going on between the duo start to become visible until they finally decide to part ways. This is because the teacher is only there to sell their expertise to people and undermine the entire business process and the input expected to be put in by the respective party. The business guy becomes agitated as they both have opposing views on running their business and meeting each other half-way and this only destroys the relationship and the friendship you both have maintained for years.

Yes, being business partners can ruin a beautiful friendship, so if you’re somebody who’s about to start a venture, think twice before making the decision to form an alliance with somebody who’s close to you unless your desire is to take the friendship to the grave! The best solution would be to attend conferences or seminars where like-minded people like you with similar aspirations lurk around, and to be-friend people who share similar visions as you. Just make sure you solidify the trust first!

I’ll come up with another scenario as I have so much to talk about regarding this topic! As I said building a successful venture or franchise starts with the type of people you partner up with as well as the team you work with!

The act of self-compassion

Okay, so I just wanna take a brief moment and talk about how crucial it is to be compassionate towards yourself. Life throws many punches with you especially if you’re running a business.  The lows in a business are inevitable and somehow you will have to survive these sinusoidal waves your business takes you in. Because if not then you become overly stressed, irate, or  anxious doubting whether you can continue to keep your business alive. While rising costs, slumping economy, poor management, and poor customer service are some of the reasons why small businesses may be forced to close, one underlying factor that can also be thrown along these pool of contributors is self-compassion!

Self-compassion is simply the act of being compassionate towards our-self. It is human nature to constantly dwell on the negative, exerting enough cynicism to drill us down to the ground during vulnerable times. But what we fail to realize is how things could be worse. Which is why we must constantly find comfort and confidence in the possessions that we do have, such as a beautiful house with a wonderful family, wife, kids, dog, etc, as well crediting yourself for what you’ve accomplished so far in the business and appreciating the efforts of your team and conveying that to them once in a while.

An extension of self-compassion is loyalty to your business partners, staff, board members, etc. I feel that this is also crucial to learn as well. Greeting and commending your team members on a performance well done is what teaches you to co-exist with them in the decision-making process without any secret backlash towards them as a result of disagreement!

So next time you feel like your business is crumbling or you feel anxious not knowing what direction to take your business in, just remember, you are some of the most diligent and bold individuals for taking the risky step in putting thousands, millions of dollars down for starting a business and growing it to a profitable level! In other words, be compassionate towards yourself first before committing any action that may jeopardize your future or the business’s.

Initially, the road to self-compassion is tough, which is why you need to be compassionate towards yourself consistently to finally achieve inner happiness and a peace of mind! Doing it for one week or even one month will not cut it!

The Power of LinkedIn

Alright, so I was planning to elaborate on conducting good market research but I’ll save that for a future topic and will instead talk about the social media powerhouse for job hunting, Linked In. Approximately 10.2 million job seekers have gotten jobs through LinkedIn according to That’s a 60% increase from the previous year. I truly enjoy using it for networking and conducting market research as that’s part of my job. My favorite feature is the feedback engine which provides you with an opportunity to improve your profile and to make it more appealing & attractive to employers. Also asking for & writing a reference letter for a prospective candidate has become that much easier, and can be accomplished with just a click of a button, cutting down the cost and hassle of postage stamps and envelopes,  and augmenting convenience!

More than 80% of the jobs are filled through either nepotism or networking and what better way to connect or mingle with professionals than through LinkedIn.  If you don’t have an account I suggest signing up ASAP as you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

When filling out a profile, be sure to upload a savvy, professional picture of yourself as that increases the chances of landing a job, also fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible with no minor glitches, be sure to be very specific on all of your skill-sets, languages, and education level. List as many skills as possible under skills, and remember networking is a two-way street, so offer to write a reference letter for a co-worker in exchange for them writing one for you. And if you’re interested in starting a business, state that you’re interested in new ventures so users with the same passion can contact you if necessary!

The joys and pitfalls of sales/marketing

Alright so I want to talk about people specialized in sales and marketing, and how they’re stereotyped as vexing, with nothing better to do but to knock at people’s doors or make phone call after phone call disturbing people at odd times. Yes they may be the devils’ advocate to our hectic lives, but just like everyone else they’re people with real feelings who somehow have to make ends meet in order to survive! And contrary to what most people think, they’re way more enjoyable than ordinary people. Why? Because they know how to lighten up the mood in a room and have a good time! Marketers are trained to do this only so that they can develop better relationships with people, who can be easily converted to sales generating leads in the near future.

And also contrary to what most people think, salesmen don’t become friendly just so they can get a hand on your moola. It’s more than that! And if they do, well then that means they’re just not doing their job! Because when a salesmen or marketer only focuses on taking your money then things only explode in everyone’s face, as your eye is not on the prize! And that prize is the relationship with your customer. That’s whats crucial!! Forming a relationship with your customer is what you should be focused on always because your goal is to convince them that this is for their benefit, that they’re getting exactly what they pay for! So if you ever consider entering or transitioning into a career in sales/marketing always remember: The relationship with your client/customer is what counts!

Concentrating on just making a sale is a major pattern of thinking among many salesmen and is also considered to be one of the major pitfalls in the business! You’re communicating with your customer to ask for their friendship, so this way you can make a difference in their lives with the high-level productivity of your product/service and how it makes their life easy. And of course, it would also be wise to follow-up with a phone call or an email once every month or two just so you can keep the momentum going between you two, not only concentrating on what other product you can persuade them into buying but also following-up with them on what their experience has been with their purchased product/service and whether they have any questions or concerns.

Ultimately, sales are the life blood of any business or company, so just remember you’re more interested in establishing a relationship with your client or customer initially than making money. And if you conscientiously develop this framework of thinking than I guarantee you that the process of generating millions in revenue will become streamlined!

And just to remind you, I value and admire other people’s opinions so please feel free to leave a comment below!


Main necessities in creating a thriving business

Millions of people get carried away over the notion of starting a business and making money but what many fail to foresee is what’s needed to survive and secure the edge, besides the time and effort they’ll need to put in. For one,  good market research is essential months prior to hopping on board. Secondly, you would need to partner up with a good team who have similar passions, aspirations, and are committed to pulling it off like you. You would also need to construct a good business model that maps out the pricing channels and means of revenue generation. Overall, a combination of the right team and right business model is what you’d need in increasing your chances of success in business.

And fyi, make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of quality market research.  Conduct surveys, questionnaires,  interview family members, close friends, do whatever it takes to make sure that the market is good for what you are about to plunge into!!

What do you guys think of starting a business and what’s needed? Are any of you current or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the world? Feel free to drop a comment below.

Interested in succeeding in the business world?

This blog is focused on how to succeed in the business world and in the marketing world. There are so many entrepreneurs, salesmen, marketers, and job seekers out there that are disillusioned at times, often not knowing what direction to go in. It’s not only a melting pot for my own thoughts and opinions regarding the subject matter but also for others. The main themes I’ll be covering include:

1. starting a business

2. ways to look for a job

3. selling a product

I may also go over related topics as well based on popular demand. I really hope you get the most of my blog and I hope it guides you in your endeavors, whatever they may be. My first topic will be about LinkedIn and what you can get out of it!

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