Main necessities in creating a thriving business

Millions of people get carried away over the notion of starting a business and making money but what many fail to foresee is what’s needed to survive and secure the edge, besides the time and effort they’ll need to put in. For one,  good market research is essential months prior to hopping on board. Secondly, you would need to partner up with a good team who have similar passions, aspirations, and are committed to pulling it off like you. You would also need to construct a good business model that maps out the pricing channels and means of revenue generation. Overall, a combination of the right team and right business model is what you’d need in increasing your chances of success in business.

And fyi, make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of quality market research.  Conduct surveys, questionnaires,  interview family members, close friends, do whatever it takes to make sure that the market is good for what you are about to plunge into!!

What do you guys think of starting a business and what’s needed? Are any of you current or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the world? Feel free to drop a comment below.