The act of self-compassion

Okay, so I just wanna take a brief moment and talk about how crucial it is to be compassionate towards yourself. Life throws many punches with you especially if you’re running a business.  The lows in a business are inevitable and somehow you will have to survive these sinusoidal waves your business takes you in. Because if not then you become overly stressed, irate, or  anxious doubting whether you can continue to keep your business alive. While rising costs, slumping economy, poor management, and poor customer service are some of the reasons why small businesses may be forced to close, one underlying factor that can also be thrown along these pool of contributors is self-compassion!

Self-compassion is simply the act of being compassionate towards our-self. It is human nature to constantly dwell on the negative, exerting enough cynicism to drill us down to the ground during vulnerable times. But what we fail to realize is how things could be worse. Which is why we must constantly find comfort and confidence in the possessions that we do have, such as a beautiful house with a wonderful family, wife, kids, dog, etc, as well crediting yourself for what you’ve accomplished so far in the business and appreciating the efforts of your team and conveying that to them once in a while.

An extension of self-compassion is loyalty to your business partners, staff, board members, etc. I feel that this is also crucial to learn as well. Greeting and commending your team members on a performance well done is what teaches you to co-exist with them in the decision-making process without any secret backlash towards them as a result of disagreement!

So next time you feel like your business is crumbling or you feel anxious not knowing what direction to take your business in, just remember, you are some of the most diligent and bold individuals for taking the risky step in putting thousands, millions of dollars down for starting a business and growing it to a profitable level! In other words, be compassionate towards yourself first before committing any action that may jeopardize your future or the business’s.

Initially, the road to self-compassion is tough, which is why you need to be compassionate towards yourself consistently to finally achieve inner happiness and a peace of mind! Doing it for one week or even one month will not cut it!