I’m currently a Quality Assurance Analyst for a small enterprise technology company in the Midwest.  I’m a die-hard Longhorn fan that bleeds orange everyday so HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!

Some of my passions include living life to the fullest, Longhorn football of course, anything related to my alma-mater, Kareoke, Entrepreneurship, and Nutrition, the latter two passions being the reason why I had chosen to reboot my blog. I really hope you find my content useful while you tread your way through running your business. Keep in mind that while this blog is primarily for entrepreneurs, it could be for anyone passionate about living an innovative lifestyle or becoming a more productive citizen!

The Enterpreneurs’ Nutrition has a lot to do with mindsets and lifestyles that may enhance peoples’ ability to be more successful whether it’s in starting their own business or moving up the ladder in their job. Enterpreneurship isn’t just about starting your own business, contrary to what most people think; it is also about being innovator and taking risks where no one has dared to take them. I do plan on presenting case studies once in a while on multi-millionaires, billionaires, and popular brands and how they all go to where they are today! I hope you embark on this new journey with me as we all figure out together what factors ultimately lead to success as an entrepreneur, and overall as a productive citizen!!

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